Triangular is the name of a very rare, triangular spider called Arkys Lancearius.

As the spider, Triangular Ltd posses of many different sensory organs with extremly sensible properties - mechanical, chemical or optical. From the first day of live, spiders are able to construct there web in a perfect manner without expensive ressource and waste of time. 

Cobwebs are filigran and at the same time very elastic and tear-resistant, are being constantly surveilled for performance and are being repaired as deemd fit. 

Within our network, we are talking about three different assignments: 

In the center, there is the  Fireworker , taking care of the co-ordination of all participants in order to ignite the lights whenever ready. 

Furthermore, there are various  Incubators , who are bringing additional creativity to the table and inhance the finale solution.

Finally, there are  Engineers , which clearly dedicated ressources (e.g. Power Selling, Recruiting, Assessments, Change Management, Personal Trainings). 

In many cases, Triangular Ltd takes on the role of the Fireworker, but in some cases can take on one of the other areas. 

created by ASPKOM GmbH